10 Mega-Construction Projects That Could Save the Environment — and the Economy |
8. The Desert Aquanet The Shimizu Corporation has proposed to create a matrix of artificial and interconnected seawater lakes in  the desert, each with an artificial island in its center for farming and  city construction. Theoretically, the lakes would cool the air above  each island, making the land arable (after desalination) and the  adjacent territory livable for humans. It’s unknown what effects the  lakes may have on global weather patterns or, even the potential fallout  of the lakes themselves — but first the project would have to get past  the biggest hurdle of them all: the question of sovereignty.

Google Maps goes indoors

The free online mapping service began helping people navigate inside airports, transit centers and major shops in the U.S. and Japan.

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Finally I can navigate around O’Hare with ease.
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R.I.P. Dippin’ Dots

I’m waiting until Week 4 for this freshman to realize he doesn’t need all that stuff.
Use a 5-Calendar Setup to Avoid Cluttered and Confusing Schedules

UALR Recruiter:


Most digital calendar programs let you create multiple “calendars”, but instead of just separating your calendars by work, personal, or subject, Francis Wade over at productivity blog Stepcase Lifehack recommends separating them in terms of the type of time they demand from you.

What this means that instead of separating them by subject—which can be helpful, but creates a cluttered, imprecise calendar—you separate them by whether they’re busy time, deadlines, or free time. Wade recommends five different views…

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I have no idea what I am doing without my calendar.  It is my compass.

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Freshmen aren’t the only ones moving in this week.

I just got everything into my new office, now if I could just get settled.  There is a buzz around here from new students that are a little nervous and returning students congregating in the office to talk about their summers.  This is a very exciting time of year!